Important Dates

Jun 07,2021
Summer Session begins
May 15,2021 - May 21,2021
Centralized Course Examinations of Term 2, 2020-21
Apr 03,2021 - Apr 05,2021
Public Holiday – Qingming Festival
Mar 04,2021 - Mar 07,2021
Course Pre-registration for Summer Session, AY2020-21
Feb 01,2021 - Feb 19,2021
Chinese New Year Vacation

Question and Answer

What information does the academic transcript contain?

The explanatory notes for undergraduate programmes is available on the back of the official transcript, including Grading System, Degree Classification, Course Code and Sequence, Total Course Load and Period of Study and Credit Transfer.

How do I apply for LEAVE OF ABSENCE? What are the supplementary documents referred to? How do I know the result of application?

If a student wish to take a leave for more than seven days, s/he should submit the APPLICATION FOR LEAVE OF ABSENCE in Student Affairs Management System(SAMS) with supporting documents for approval. Students who are applying for leave on medical reasons must also upload a medical certificate signed by a qualified doctor. Students who are applying for leave on non medical reasons also need to state the reasons that should promptly be supported by the appropriate documents. Registry would only examine and approve the application after the approval of the School. Students can check the application procedure on SAMS. In addition, according to the General Regulations, students should contact the course instructors for making up the missed classes and tasks after coming back from absence.