Centralized Course Examinations for Full-time Undergraduate Programmes of Term 1, 2018-19 – Seat Number

Centralized Course Examinations for Full-time Undergraduate Programmes

Please check your seat numbers of the centralized course examinations of Term 1, 2018-19.

ACT2121    Introductory Management Accounting
ACT3161    Taxation
ACT4131    Auditing
ACT4253    Business Ethics and CSR
CHM1001    General Chemistry
CHM2002    Physical Chemistry
CSC3001    Discrete Mathematics
CSC3050    Computer Architecture
CSC3100    Data Structures
CSC3150    Operating Systems
CSC4120    Design and Analysis of Algorithms
ECO2011    Basic Microeconomics
ECO2021    Basic Macroeconomics
ECO3021    Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECO3121    Introductory Econometrics
ECO4121    Intermediate Econometrics
EIE2001    Basic Circuit Theory
EIE2050    Digital Logic and Systems
EIE3001    Signals and Systems
EIE3050    Principles of Communication Systems
EIE3202    Analog integrated circuits
EIE4002    Digital Communications
EIE4007    Computer and Network Security
ENE3001    Principles of Energy Engineering
ENE3050    Electrical Power Systems
ENE4003    Energy Conversion Processes
ENG2001T    English for Translation Programme III
ERG2050    Introduction to Data Analytics
FIN4210    Corporate Finance
FIN4560    Market Microstructure and Algorithmic Trading
GEB2310    Chemistry in Life
GEB2401    Information Management in the 21st Century
GEB3101    Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry
GER1001    German I
GNB2001    Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
GNB2002    Cell Biology
MAT1001    Calculus I
MAT2040    Linear Algebra
MAT3004    Abstract Algebra I
MAT3007    Optimization
MAT3010    Calculus for Economic Analysis II
MAT3253    Complex Variables
MAT4001    Numerical Analysis
MKT2010    Marketing Management
MSE3007    Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials
MSE3009    Introduction to Ceramics
PHY1001    Mechanics
PHY4001    Solid-State Physics
RMS4060    Risk Management with Derivatives
SPN1001    Spanish I
STA2002    Probability and Statistics II
STA3007    Nonparametric Statistics
STA3020    Statistical Inference
STA3050    Statistics Software
STA4020    Statistical Modelling in Financial Markets
STA4030    Categorical Data Analysis

* Please note that the seat number list will NOT be posted outside of the examination hall.