Centralized Course Examinations for Full-time Undergraduate Programmes of Term 2, 2018-19 – Seat Number

Centralized Course Examinations for Full-time Undergraduate Programmes
Please check your seat numbers of the centralized course examinations of Term 2, 2018-19.

BIO2001 General Biology
CSC1001 Introduction to CS
CSC3002 Introduction to CS2
CSC3050 Computer Architecture
CSC3180 Fundamentals of AI
CSC3185 Introduction to MS
CSC4001 Software Engineering
CSC4008 Techniques for Data Mining
DMS2030 Operations Management
ECO3011 Intermediate MicroEcon Theory
ECO3021 Intermediate MacroEco Theory
ECO3121 Introductory Econometrics
ECO3230 Eco Analys of Law&Human Behavi
EIE2050 Digital Logic and Systems
EIE3001 Signals and Systems
EIE4003 Wireless Communication Systems
ENE4012 Electricity market
ENG2002T English for Translation
ERG2050 Introduction to Data Analytics
ERG3020 Web Analytics and Intelligence
FIN2010 Financial Management
FIN2020 Foundation of Finance
FIN3070 International Financial Manage
FIN4060 Financial Mkt in China & World
FIN4110 Options and Futures
GEB3101 Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry
GER1002 German II
GNB2003 Genetics
GNB3003 Protein Structure Analysis
MAT1002 Calculus II
MAT2040 Linear Algebra
MAT3006 Real Analysis
MAT3040 Advanced Linear Algebra
MAT3253 Complex Variables
MAT3280 Probability Theory
MAT4002 Introduction to Geometry and T
MAT4004 Graph Theory
MAT4500 Stochastic Differential Equati
MGT2020 Principles of Management
MSE4005 Nanoscale Materials
PHY2001 Electricity and Magnetism
PHY3006 Physics of SD
SPN1002 Spanish II
STA2001 Probability and Statistics I
STA3010 Regression Analysis
STA3030 Survey Sampling
STA3100 Advanced Statistics
STA4003 Time Series
* Please note that the seat number list will NOT be posted outside of the examination hall.