Special Add/Drop for Term 2 of Academic Year 2019-20 

Notice on Special Add/Drop for Term 2 of Academic Year 2019-20 

In view of the current epidemic situation, the University has decided to commence online teaching and learning from 17 February 2020. A special Add/Drop Period between February 17 and 23 will be offered, with detailed arrangements as follows. 
1. All the “drop” applications should be submitted online to the Student Information System (SIS) no later than February 23.  Students should approach the ITSO about “How to Login the SIS outside the University”.  
2. There will be no late drop mark “W” assigned to the courses dropped during this special Add/Drop period. Students are however strongly urged to consult their academic advisors before they decide to drop any courses, to ensure that their studies would not be negatively affected owing to the dropping actions. 
3. All the “add” applications should be submitted, via email, to the course offering School (for undergraduate students) or the Graduate School (for postgraduate students), no later than February 19, with the completed application form*.  Since all courses were already conducted for two weeks before the Chinese New Year holidays, students who wish to add any course in this Special Add/Drop period should consider carefully if they could make up the first two weeks of the course by themselves. Please consult the course instructors concerned and your own academic advisers for advice.  An application for adding a course in the Special Add/Drop period shall only be approved with the endorsement of the course instructor and the offering School or the Graduate School, subject always to the available quota of the course.

*The application form to be used by undergraduate students is available on the website of the Registry;

* The application form to be used by postgraduate students is available on the website of the Graduate School. 

For application submission:

HSS:  shssug@cuhk.edu.cn

LHS:  ug_lhs@cuhk.edu.cn

SME: smeug@cuhk.edu.cn

SSE:  sseug@cuhk.edu.cn

Graduate School: pgs@cuhk.edu.cn 

For enquires:  

Undergraduate students:  registry@ cuhk.edu.cn

Postgraduate students: pgs@cuhk.edu.cn 

Special Course Add Form For Undergraduate Course 2019-20 Term 2

9 February 2020