Updated Course Information for Summer Session 2019-20

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One new course ENE3005 Electrochemical Energy Conversion will be offered by SSE.

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Electrochemical Energy Conversion

Course Instructor

Abeynaike Arjan





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Target students: All UG students

Course Description

Electrochemical Energy Conversion is the application of electrochemistry for storing energy and supplying electricity. Electrochemical technologies such as lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells are playing an increasingly important role in the energy sector as electric vehicles and grid energy storage become more widely used.


This course covers the theoretical aspects of Electrochemical Energy Conversion including electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and reaction kinetics and transport phenomena. The principles behind different electrochemical devices (such as conventional batteries, flow batteries and super capacitors) will be explained. The applications of electrochemical devices for electric vehicles and grid storage will be discussed. Electrolytic hydrogen production and fuel cells will also be introduced. Finally, the course will discuss the broader implications of Electrochemical Energy Conversion within the context of New Energy.

Assessment Scheme

Mid-term exam 25%

Assignments      25%

Final exam     50%

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Social Psychology and Everyday Life


Mon&Tue&Thu 13:00-14:50; Wed 10:00-11:50