Arrangement of the Summer Session 2019-20

To: All UG students 
From: Registry
Date: May 28, 2020


Dear Students,

Arrangement of the Summer Session

In view of the unforeseeable development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University has decided that teaching and learning activities in this summer will be conducted ONLINE. The timetable and other information of the courses can be found in the Student Information System (SIS), while the timeline of the Summer Session is shown below.

  1. Summer courses: 8 June (Mon) to 24 July (Fri)
  2. Add/Drop period: 8 June (Mon) to 12 June (Fri)
  3. Course examination: 27 July (Mon) to 29 July (Wed)

Students should take note to the following items.

A. Course add/drop period

The add/drop period for the summer courses is in the first week of the Summer Session. Please read the arrangements listed below:

  1. Students whose enrolment satisfy the course enrolment rules can add or drop courses via the SIS during the add/drop period.
  2. Students wishing to take course(s) but leading to the violation of the course enrolment rules should approach the course(s) offering School(s) to obtain approval by submitting the course add application(s) via the SIS.
  3. The list of courses in the Summer Session and the enrolment rules can be found in the email.  
  4. The add/drop application starts at 9:00 am on June 8, and ends at 5:00 pm on June 12.

B. Maximum course load

Please be reminded of Clause 5.0 General Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies concerning course load. Any student who wish to take overloaded courses should submit the application to their School and obtain prior permission by completing ‘Application Form for Exceeding Course Load’. Application forms can be downloaded in the Registry website at

A Student shall take at least 9 units and no more than 18 units of courses in any term within the normative study period, unless s/he is on first or extended academic probation, and no Student shall take more than 39 units in an academic year”.

C. Some other courses information

  1. One new course ENE3005 Electrochemical Energy Conversion will be offered by SSE. The class schedule of GEC2301 Social Psychology and Everyday Life has been changed. Details can be found in the Registry website at:
  2. Some offline laboratory courses will be offered to graduating students who have obtained prior permission to return to the campus.

D. Off-campus SIS access

To ensure the smooth network, during the course registration, students who are outside the campus can access SIS without having to create a VPN connection. For any inquiries or questions, please send email to

E. Final Examinations

For courses without final examinations or with assessments such as projects, essays, or open-book and open-note exams which require no or minimal invigilation, the assessments for the students can be arranged during the period between 27 July and 29 July.

For all the other courses, it is planned that the examinations will be arranged after the students have returned to the campus. The returning time is still tentative, subject to the development of the pandemic situation and the latest regulations of the Government for epidemic prevention and control. Please stay tuned.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Best wishes,

Registry Office



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