Minor Programmes(applicable to undergraduate credit-unit based programmes)


1.   With the approval of the intended Minor programme, a student may declare a minor or more than one Minor within the normative study period. Students may declare minor(s) before or after fulfillment of course requirements. Normally students’ applications will be approved if they have registered/nearly registered all course requirements.


2.   Subject to the approval of the Minor programme(s), similar courses in the major and minor(s) may be mutually recognized and such courses and units shall be counted in the requirements of both major and minor(s). In fulfilling the overall units required for graduation, the units of those courses shall only be counted once.


3.   A student who fails to fulfill the requirements of both major(s) and minor(s) shall be asked to make up the requirements of his/her first major only. If at the same time s/he can successfully make up the requirements of his/her second major and/or minor(s), s/he may then graduate with the second major and/or minor(s). However, a student who has not declared a second major or minor(s) before assessment shall not be allowed to declare a second major or minor(s) during the make-up period.


4.   Upon graduation a student satisfying the requirements of minor(s) shall have both major(s) and minor(s) shown on his/her transcript.


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