There are Explanatory Notes for undergraduate programmes at the back of each transcript, including Grading System, Degree Classification, Course code and Sequence, Total Course Load and Period of Study, and Credit Transfer.

1. Application Methods:
a. Use Student Card/P.R.C ID Card/CUHK(SZ) Account to print by self-service printing terminal at the entrance of the Registry Office or on the first floor of the Library. Documents can be obtained on the spot.
b. Log in to the SIS to submit an application. The instruction manuals are available at the Registry website. After submitting the application, the applicant can check the application status in the SIS, and the processing time is usually within 3 working days after payment.
c. If the applicant cannot apply through the above two methods due to special circumstances (such as graduates), s/he can contact the Registry Office by email and submit the application under the guidance of the Registry Office. The processing time is usually within 3 working days after payment.

2. Fees:
Self-service Printing Terminal: 20 RMB per copy for either Chinese or English version, with the first 5 copies for each type of application free.
Other channels: 20 RMB per copy for both Chinese and English versions.

3. Collection Methods:
a. In person: Bring Student Card/Booklet to the Registry Office to collect the documents.
b. Authorize others to collect: The applicant must send an email stating the ID Card/Passport No. of the authorized person together with the photocopy of the applicant's ID Card/Passport for verification. 
c. Mailing: After submitting the application, the applicant should download and fill in the Address Slip, and send it back to the Registry Office by email. The mailing fee charged by the mailing company will be borne by the applicant.
d. Scanned copy: Scanned copy can only be send to other Universities or official institutions and are not available to individual students. The applicant should provide the proof of relevant requirements, such as screenshots or links for verification.

The course description offered by Registry Office includes course description, course code, course title and units. Students need to pay 20 RMB for each copy. If students are on campus, they can use student cards to print the document via the self-printing machine placed in Registry Office and the first floor of Library; if students are off campus or have graduated, they can send emails to Registry Office to apply for the document and indicate the version and number of copy in emails.
Warm Reminder: CUHK Online Course(s) will not be displayed on the Report on Curriculum Details.