General Education

General Education (GE) plays a vital role in the University's mission to provide a balanced undergraduate education for all students. It equips students with the intellectual capacity for understanding critical issues, ideas, and values of humanity and of modern society. It nurtures students to be educated persons capable of making informed judgment and taking up the challenges of this ever-changing world. Preparing students to be lifelong learners and engaged citizens with a global awareness, it targets their growth as whole persons rather than specialists. More specifically, GE in CUHK(SZ) is designed to:

  • furnish students with a broad intellectual perspective for dealing with unfamiliar questions;
  • engage students in active reflections on perennial issues, prompting them to make connections between intellectual pursuits and life at work, at home and in the community;
  • promote an understanding of Chinese cultural heritage and of other cultural traditions;
  • develop the attitudes and skills that are conducive to critical thinking, self-expression and communication with the others;
  • extend students' curiosity, promote a habit of extensive reading, and develop attitudes and competence as independent learners and team players.


The GE Programme consists of the following components and areas:

Component/Area Units
In Dialogue with Humanity 3
In Dialogue with Nature 3
Area A: Chinese Cultural Heritage 3
Area B: Nature, Science and Technology 3
Area C: Society and Culture 3
Area D: Self and Humanity 3
Total 18

Each student must take both of the Foundation courses, and take one course from each area.