Guidelines on Course and Teaching Evaluation


1. As a means to enhance the quality of teaching in the University, Course and Teaching Evaluation (CTE) is conducted as a compulsory exercise. CTE results are used as one element of input for academic staff appraisal.


2. CTE should be conducted by Schools/programmes for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses except for classes with five or less students when anonymity of responses becomes a concern.


3. The CTE questionnaire comprises two parts: Part A is common across the University while individual Schools/programmes may tag on a programme-specific Part B of either forced choice or open-ended questions.


4. Each School of the University is responsible for the implementation of CTE evaluation, including the design of Part B of the questionnaire, administration of the exercise and analysis of the results.


5. The CTE questionnaire responses are centrally processed and stored by Schools. The Central Course and Teaching Evaluation (CCTE) System developed by CUHK will be deployed for processing CTE results..-CTE results should be input, confirmed and submitted to the CCTE System by the course offering School.


6. Results of the close-ended items used in the CTE questionnaires are to be made known to students through controlled access. The mode and timing of releasing the results are to be decided by the Schools. Results of the open-ended items shall not be made known to students.


7. The Schools must exercise due care in the collection of CTE data from students and in the handling of such data and the results of the CTE, in compliance with the requirements of relevant policies on Protection of Personal Data and Privacy of the University, including but not limited to the precaution that CTE results must not be displayed publicly in any manner whereby it is possible to identify the individual teachers concerned, and that security measures must be taken diligently by the Schools to prevent public access to CTE results.


8. Teachers, teaching assistants, or graduate assistants who participate in the teaching of the course shall not be present while students are completing the CTE questionnaires and they should not be assigned to collect the completed questionnaires.


9. Disinterested third parties, e.g. clerks, technicians, teaching assistants who have not participated in the teaching of the course concerned, shall be designated to collect the completed questionnaires.


10. Evaluation of the regular tutorials conducted by teaching assistants, if any, should also be included in the CTE exercise.


11. The content of the questionnaire used for CTE and the implementation of the exercise itself should be discussed from time to time at the School Board as the case may be.


12. With a view to deliberating on the general directions for course/programme improvements, the results of CTE should be discussed in general terms at the School Board as the case may be, on the proviso that no discussion should be held on the CTE performance of individual teachers or students in these particular meetings.