Change of Major

Note: Students are not allowed to change major in the first year.

1. Students who apply for change of major outside their own Schools should have satisfied at least one of the following minimum conditions for change of major:
a. the student has taken course(s) of at least 6 units with an average grade of not less than B- that would count towards the major requirements of the programme; or
b. the admission score of the student must be better than the student at the lowest decile who had been successfully admitted to the programme concerned in the same Province in the same year that s/he was first admitted to the University; or
c. the student has attained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in the current academic year.

2. Students MUST submit the application(s) within the prescribed period to the School(s) concerned, indicating fulfillment of at least one of the conditions listed in (1) above for change of major, and submit their document, e.g. unofficial transcript, admission score ranking certification (issued by the Registry upon query), if applicable, for Schools’ reference. Students should also observe other requirements, e.g. interview, test, etc., if any, as requested by concerned Schools.

3. Students admitted under broad-based programmes can only apply for change of major after they have successfully declared the major.

4. As regulated by the Ministry of Education, students are not allowed to change major under the following circumstances:
a. transferring to majors which are not specified in the admission schemes, applicable only to students admitted by exemption of Gaokao (免试生), or
b. irregular academic status, such as suspension, registration deferment.

5. Schools will indicate approval or not two weeks after the application deadline. Students are required to confirm their acceptance of the NEW major (for approval cases) in writing. Once a new major is accepted, all other successful application(s), if any, will be rejected automatically. The confirmation means the final decision. There is no appeal if an application is rejected.

6. The application results will be posted on Registry’s website for public notice with no less than five working days. For all successful applications, students will receive a formal approval letter from Registry concerning the change of major. The expected graduation term will be extended as appropriate, if the NEW major was not offered in the admitted year of the student.

Note: Students who wish to change major inside their own Schools should refer to the School notices about the requirements and observe their procedures.

Special Guidelines by Schools on Change of Major for Academic Year 2019-20