One-off Arrangement for Late-drop and Pass/Fail Option for Undergraduate Courses in Term 2, 2019-20

We are pleased to announce that the University has decided to adopt the following arrangements for certain courses offered in the present term: 

1.    A one-off late drop. 
2.    The Pass/Failure option.

Detailed arrangements 
(I) Late-drop of courses 

(a)    With this one-off arrangement, all undergraduate students who have registered for courses in Term 2 will be given the option to late-drop course(s) via SIS between 30 April and 6 May 2020, on the condition that the course load as stipulated by the Students Regulations should not be violated; that is, the total number of units that remain after the late dropping should not be fewer than 9.  Moreover, some courses are not included in this late-drop option, due to reasons that they involve group projects and so dropping the course by a student may affect other students, or they are not allowed by the School concerned due to major requirements. The lists of these courses will be posted in the Registry webpage ( on 29 April 2020.
(b)    Students should take note that courses that are prerequisites for subsequent courses or must be taken simultaneously in the same term within a programme will affect their academic progression.
(c)    Graduating students should make sure that they will still fulfill the graduation requirements of their major programme in exercising this option.
(d)    Students should consult their academic advisors if they have any questions and concerns before exercising this option.

(II) Pass/Failure (P/F) option (as approved by University PAB)

(a)    The P/F option will not be made available to students for courses belonging to their School Package and those listed as major required and major elective of their major programme. 
(b)    The P/F option will not be made available to UG students taking courses offered by the Postgraduate Programmes. 
(c)    Students may choose the P/F option for courses, such as Free Electives, General Education, CHI, ENG, IT, and PE courses. 
(d)    For allowed courses mentioned in Point (c) above, a student may determine for which course(s) he/she will opt the P/F scheme, and for which course(s) he/she will remain in the normal letter grade scheme (with grades of A/B/C/D/F). 
(e)    A P/F option means that a Pass grade will allow the student to earn the credit of the course, but it will not be counted into the calculation of the student’s GPA.
(f)    In grading, the teacher will first give letter grades to students of the entire class according to their performance in the assessment, and then convert the letter grades to P or F for those students who opt the P/F scheme. 
(g)    Students can apply for the P/F grading option between 30 April and 6 May 2020. The application instruction will be announced on 29 April 2020.

Other remarks: 

1.    This is a one-off arrangement which is applicable to some courses offered in Term 2, 2019-20 only. Students’ options for late-drop and adoption of the P/F grading are irrevocable. No changes will be allowed after the stipulated deadline.
2.    Since all these are contributing factors to the assessment of honors classification, and to the progression (i.e. academic standing) and determination of Dean’s lists for students, students should consider carefully and consult their academic advisers and course teachers, if needed, before deciding to drop a course or opt for the P/F scheme. 
3.    The deadline for late drop of courses and option for P/F grading is 6 May 2020. Late applications will NOT be considered. 

April 27, 2020